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Painting with Thread

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever wanted to make a design using thread? Well it is fun and a creative way to express yourself. Using thread is a way to draw on fabric. In this piece, I got my inspiration from the Aurifil Website blog, "Auribuzz". Kathy Ross is a fiber artist and the Aurifil Block Designer of the Month for February. She designed this poppy design. I downloaded the design instructions and started to make the block. In this block, I pieced the petals, leaves and stems on background fabric. I stabilized the background fabric and fused my design to it.. Using red, green, brown and black thread, I started to add dimension with the thread. This is done by using a free motion or darning foot and dropping your feed dogs. This technique is like drawing and it adds depth to the design. It is also embroidery that you design and draw onto the fabric with thread. Give it a try, there are several artists that are known for this technique and have beautiful pieces of artwork. Get inspired and try it out.! If you don't like it, you can draw over it with more thread to cover it and the mistake is hidden. Yeah!

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