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Crafting Season Here We Go!

Crafting and sewing season is here. Whether you make items for family members, friends or for craft fairs, it can be a daunting challenge. I love to sew items for family and friends as well as to sell but I know that at times it can be exhausting. I am a one man show. I pick out, cut and sew every bag I make. Each bag is designed by me and all fabrics are picked out by me. I take care of all of the business details, including inventory, shipping and everyday operations. I love this process, but it sure can be time consuming. An assistant would be nice, but I know that is not feasible so, I continue to sew. I like to recharge by taking a walk or going out to lunch with a friend. My husband is very helpful as he will provide assistance with setting up my craft fairs. All of these homemade gifts and items to sell are nice to do, but remembering to be good to yourself is important. Do something for you as you do for others.

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