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Getting Organized: Sewing Thread Organization Idea

In the process of organizing my sewing room, I wanted to come up with an idea to make my thread easily accessible and organized. There are many ways to organize thread and organizers can be bought for thread specifically, but I chose to organize it in a bit of a different way. I like to categorize them by color and have them out to reach easily and quickly. So I decided to hang them up on the wall. I wanted them to be stored in a more modern organizer so I chose something not used for thread but works great.

I used a nail polish organizer. This one is clear acrylic and I found it on Amazon. They can be purchased in sets of two, one, standing, etc... There are many options. It was easy to install and in no time, I had all my thread out and available for use.


Getting organized allows more time to sew rather than searching for supplies.

Happy sewing!

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