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Hello Pumpkin! Fall Is Here.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Are you itching to decorate for Fall? I have a free, fun and easy project for you. Pumpkin mug rugs or apple mug rugs. These little mug rugs are a quick sew and perfect for a beginner too. I used several of my scraps and small pieces of fabric to make them. They also can be given as a gift with a cute mug and some hot chocolate, coffee or tea. In no time at all pumpkins will be popping up all over. These can be made into apples as well. Perfect for a teacher's gift. Check out the video on my site and have fun making these cuties. The instructions can be downloaded for free by signing up for my newsletter. The code will be sent to you after signing up.

Free instructions available when signing up for my newsletter.

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I just thought of the cutest variation on this! A variety of red fabrics (apples), but repeat a few of the general reds and exchange a few of the stripes for every holiday of the year (heart/Valentines Day, Flags, Memorial Day, etc). Now make a full set of these coasters to pin together as a gift for a teacher! Now she has a new coaster to pull out of her desk as the seasons/holidays change through the year. You can make a set of 6 (Valentines, Easter, St. Patty's, Memorial/Labor, Halloween/Thanksgiving (Fall), and Christmas) or one for every month.

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