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Holiday Gift Ideas For The Sewing Enthusiasts

Are you stumped on what to buy for that person that loves to sew or are you not sure what to tell people to buy for you? Well no worries here. I have some gift ideas that would make someone very happy. These gifts are perfect for the sewing enthusiast and they range from $5.00 to $34.00. A small gift to give is a perfect way to show someone that you appreciate them.

This video shares several wonderful products that a sewer or quilter may need or want. Check it out for some fun ideas.

All of these gifts are great to help you organize your sewing room, start a new project with English paper piecing, make it easier to work on your projects and choose needles that are right for project.

SewTites provided these new SewTites Lite Bars. They are perfect to hold your sewing project together while you sew. The unique thing about SewTites is that they are magnetic sewing pins. So when you don't want to use a pin or clip or can't use either, these are a great solution. They come in all sizes and colors too. The Lite Bars are a new addition to the line and they incorporate a lower strength magnet for those that may have arthritis or other health challenges. They hold tightly but slide apart easily when repositioning them for your projects. Use them for English paper piecing, bag making, quilting, home decor and more.

Euro Notions are the makers of Schmetz Needles and the Bobbin Saver among many other wonderful products. They provided several different types of needles that are the best choices for your projects. Each type of needle is specifically designed to be used for different fabrics. They offer different sizes and they have a fantastic guide on their website. The ABC guide describes the uses for each needle type. This guide can also be found at your local sewing store.

They've made it easy for the quilter or sewer to choose the correct needle for their project. Check out all of these Schmetz Needles and more on their website.

Each needle has a specific purpose. The ABC guide has tons of information to helping you choose the correct needle for your project. The top center photo has a cute luggage tag and piecing needles. Piecing needles a a wonderful choice when piecing your next quilt. The luggage tag shows the needle type by color. How neat is that! The top right picture shows fleece, felt and crafting needles. Schmetz Needles has thought about all kinds of projects. They even have upholstery needles for thicker and heavier weight fabrics as well as knit needles that are a great choice when sewing a knit shirt or hat. Lastly but certainly not least, they offer multipacks like these costume needle packs. They include different sizes of universal needles and speciality needles like, knit, jeans, Microtex and topstitch. Wow! That's a lot of needles. They have several more on their site and local sewing stores. I know I won't have to worry about choosing a needle that fits my project needs, Schmetz Needles has something for everyone.

To organize your needles, Grabbit Tools has a very cool, My Pad. It is a color coded foam pad that allows you to put a needle into it so that you can go back and use it for that special project. No more forgetting what needle you used! Now there is a place for each one.

We all need a place to hold our bobbins too and one that holds a lot of bobbins. These BobbinSaver2's are the solution! You can get one for traditional/regular bobbins or for jumbo bobbins. Having the ability to organize your bobbins makes it so much easier to get ready for a sewing project or switch bobbins during a sewing project.

This year, I started to learn English paper piecing. It is all new to me and I am a beginner. I thought about what a beginner may need or want and Paper Pieces has fantastic options for the beginner. The great thing about English paper piecing is that it is portable and small. You don't need a sewing machine because it is all hand sewing. I have been working on my projects in the car, airplanes or at home watching television.

Here are two great products for someone who is just starting out and a beginner or someone who would love a kit to keep their goodies together.

Paper Pieces has put together a starter kit so that you don't have to worry about a thing. This kit includes a Sewline glue pen, a mini fabric bundle, clips, thread, mini scissors and hexi paper pieces. What a fantastic gift and all it needs is gift wrapping!

Last but certainly not least, Paper Pieces has an Adornments kit to make ornaments. The directions and paper pieces are included. You can also order refills so that you can make one for all those special people in your life. They are cute and beautiful. I can't wait to get started on making these.

Treat yourself or someone else this holiday season or anytime. These gifts will be appreciated and enjoyed. Have a happy and safe holiday season. Happy Holidays!

All of these products were sponsored by Paper Pieces, Schmetz Needles and SewTites.

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