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July's Monthly Color Challenge

This month is my turn to participate in Patterns By Jen Monthly Color challenge. Each month focuses on different color hues and classic cars. I chose the month of July!

Each block is free during the prospective month that it is announced. I had the pleasure to represent July's block which also had the theme color purple.

I chose this month and this block particularly because it is my birthday month! Also when I was born, my mother and father took me home in a 1970 purple Plymouth Duster. The particular color was called, "Plum Crazy Purple. I thought it would be perfect to share this tidbit about myself. I was born in 1971 by the way and I have had a lead foot over the years. I blame that on my dad and his love for fast cars. This was also before car seats so mom took me home in her arms and sat in the passenger side front seat. Wow! That's a throwback and well lets just say it, "dangerous". It was the 70's after all so we didn't really believe in a lot of safety measures. I even fell out of my father's beige Dodge Dart when I was about seven and still turned out okay, I guess.

This block was a lot of fun to make. It was quick to make and it has a fun spiral design. You can receive this block and the instructions free for the month of July just by going to Patterns By Jen website and subscribing to her blog.

I think you will have a lot of fun making these blocks and reminiscing about the cars that you have enjoyed over the years.

Thanks for following along in my sewing journey and have a great summer!

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Your car is a Plymouth Duster, the color is Plum Crazy.

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