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Making Masks With Your Fabric Stash

Hello friends,

During this time of uncertainty, we can all come together and find solace in supporting each other by sharing a helping hand, warm heart and kind words. Sewing has always provided me a sense of calm and enjoyment. Making something from the heart truly is a wonderful gift. Recently, I decided to make masks using my fabric stash. During these past two weeks, I have made many masks using two different patterns. Both are great patterns and come together rather quickly. You can choose to make your own fabric ties or use elastic ties with these masks. Elastic can be difficult to come by these days but so many online stores and outlets have them. Ebay has it readily available, but be sure to check the shipping time and location it is shipped from so that it comes quickly.

I decided to donate all the masks I make using my fabric stash. It is a great stash busting project. By the way, it is an excuse to buy more fabric later.

You can also get your family involved with cutting and ironing. They are a captive audience right now so what better way than to put them to work for a good cause. My family has been instrumental in helping me make dozens of masks for hospitals, correctional facilities and clinics. Many of these places ask that a filter pocket is added. A third layer of fabric can be added to make a pocket. Adding a bendable nose piece is great as well. Using pipe cleaners or twist ties work perfectly and can be sewn into the fabric. Be sure not to hit it with your needle as you sew.

If you are able to make just one mask and share it with someone, they would be so grateful and delighted to get something handmade and useful during this difficult time.

I have included the link to both mask types that are easy and quick to make. Have fun and share a mask.

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