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Putting All The Pieces Together

As a nation and the world, we are moving forward and putting all the pieces back together. One great example of this in sewing is piecing a quilt or project. This week, I chose to take several pieces of my scrap fabric and use them to make a fabric box to put some thread in. I used 12 wt and 50 wt Aurifil thread. Using 12 wt thread provides definition and interest to a project. It draws the eye to the piece you have made. I also used 50 wt thread to piece together the scrap fabric.

Piecing can be enjoyable when deciding how you want to combine fabrics. Using scraps makes any project fun to put together. You can play around with these leftover pieces and form something that ties all the colors together. For the project I chose, I used scraps of black, white and pink fabric. It was fun and easy to do and there were no rules.

Using those scraps gets rid of extra fabric that had no purpose. They formed something new and allowed me to be creative without the fuss of perfectly cut pieces. I only cut the box sides at the end to the size I wanted.

Get your scraps out and play! Make something new and fun today!

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