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Santa's Suit With Michael Miller's Holiday Blog Hop Is Here!

The holiday season is here and a great way to start it off is with some homemade holiday gift ideas. Michael Miller Fabrics has some wonderful holiday seasonal fabrics that are perfect for your homemade holiday.

Each blogger has shared some great ideas for a handmade gift so check them out. There is still plenty of time to get that special gift made for someone you have in mind.

For this blog hop, I was thinking of Santa coming to town. I designed a fun, quick and easy quilt of Santa's Suit. There aren't many pieces and it comes together fast. I had the pleasure of using Michael Miller's Beary Soft Minky, Cotton Couture Solids and Winking Santas CM9639-BLAC-D Fabric. They all worked perfectly for my blanket. I sewed it into a blanket rather than quilting it.

The pattern can be made with minky or cotton fabrics. Information has been provided for both. Pattern available below.

Minky Sewing Tips:

  • Cut the minky with the right side down on your cutting table. The fur will fly everywhere. It is easier to control it when placed right side down.

  • Use a handheld vacuum to remove the faux fur from the cutting table and floor

  • Use a knit, ball or stretch needle

  • Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance

I chose to self bind it and make it into a blanket using the top and turning it to the back. Here is a tutorial on how to self bind a blanket or quilt.

Self Binding Tutorial:

Step 1:

  1. Place the blanket top right side down. Cut the backing 1" smaller along the perimeter on all sides of the blanket. Note that this binding will be 1" but it can be customized to be a larger binding by increasing the perimeter edge. This will decrease the overall size of the blanket or quilt.

  2. Place the backing wrong sides together on the top.

  3. Center the backing so that the top extends 1" around on all sides.

  4. Mark 1" in from all sides near each corner and cross the markings at the corner. Remove the backing and set it aside.

Step 2:

  1. Where the marks cross at the corner, place the ruler using the 45 degree line marking and make a 45 degree mark on the fabric.

  2. Fold the fabric right sides together along the 45 degree marking. Sew along this line.

  3. Trim it leaving a seam allowance. Repeat with all four corners.

Step 3:

  1. Place top with wrong side facing up and gentle poke out the corners.

  2. Put backing with wrong side facing down on the top and inside it of it. The backing will now meet the corners of the top on the inside of it.

  3. Fold over the top to the back and clip or pin in place along the edge. Be sure to measure a 1" fold over around the perimeter to the backing for consistency.

Step 4:

  1. Sew along the perimeter on the edge of the binding. Using a zig zag stitch works perfectly with minky. There is no need to fold in the raw edge as minky is a knit and will not fray. If folding over a cotton top for a self binding, it is suggested to use a satin stitch so that the seams do not fray.

Happy sewing and thank you for following along in my sewing journey.

These fabrics were provided by Michael Miller Fabrics. Thank you. Also check out the other bloggers on the hop. They have fun projects too (Michael Miller Blog).

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