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Sew Handmade!

Making something is a fun activity that can be shared with someone else. When I sew something, I love to go through the process of choosing fabrics, threads, notions and embellishments.

I feel that when I sew, it transports me into a zone of calmness and tranquility. I do not think about anything but sewing. I am actually obsessed with sewing. My husband says that I sew everyday all day. If I am not sewing, I am designing a pattern for sewing. These activities keep my mind busy and I enjoy doing them. So, when making something handmade, it is something to be proud of by showing it to others, giving what you made to someone or gladly wearing it or using it.

So many people think homemade or handmade cannot be a nice gift or a thoughtful gift but it is all about thought, love and care. These gifts that we make are special. At times, I criticize my work as if it is not up to par or not good enough to share as a gift. I'll find every stitch that is wonky or a seam that is not straight or a mistake that is now part of the design. I will point it out. No one would have probably noticed it at all.

Remember what you make are things that are unique and interesting gifts that others cannot find in a store. They are cherished by friends, family and coworkers. Enjoy making that handmade goodie! Someone will love it and don't forget to have fun!

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