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Sew It's Autumn!

Making items for the house, yourself or friend is always fun during the Fall season. It reminds me of cooler weather, although I live in Florida, LOL! It also reminds me of growing up in Connecticut and waiting for the leaves to fall, school to start and going to an orchard to pick apples. So what can be made for this season? So many things, right.

Mug rugs are a favorite to give as a gift or make for the house. They can be themed or paired with a cute mug and some coffee or hot chocolate as a gift. I have been making a few so look out for a free tutorial coming this week on how to make a cute, quick mug rug. They are scrap fabric friendly and fun to make. They are perfect for a beginner sewer or someone who is looking for a quick project.

Stay tuned for my free tutorial! Happy sewing!

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