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Celebrate Valentine's Day With A Festive Place Setting

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

It's February and I love to decorate with a few things for Valentine's Day. Whether you are celebrating with the girls, guys, children or that special someone, it is always nice to have festive decorations in the home. I enjoy adding some heartfelt handmade decorations in my home. I do not have much but just enough to brighten up a space.

I decided to design a placemat for the occasion. Hearts were on my mind, so I drew up a design with some large hearts and small hearts. I chose the, "Be My Gnomie" fabric line from Benartex fabrics. It invokes love with cute gnomes sharing letters, hearts, kisses and more. I paired these fabrics with the White Color Weave from their basics collection. It thought this placemat design was cute and fun.

There are many styles of heart blocks out there. I chose to make two sizes with the same method. Each heart is made with with two halves. Each block requires 8 pieces of fabric. Two large rectangles, four small squares and two large squares. Each half of the block requires one large rectangle, two small squares and one large square.

One small square is placed right sides together on top of the large rectangular piece of fabric in one upper corner. A diagonal line is drawn on the square from the top right side to the bottom left side. Sew on the drawn line. The seam allowance is trimmed and then the triangle is pressed toward the corner. This is repeated with the second small square on the opposite upper corner. The diagonal line is drawn from the top left side of the square to the bottom right side of the square. Repeat this process for the second half of the block.

A larger square is placed at the bottom of the rectangle right sides together. The same process is followed as the small squares at the top of the rectangle except the line is drawn from the outer top left edge of the square toward the bottom right edge of the square. For the other half of the heart, the diagonal line is drawn from the outer top right edge toward the bottom left edge.

Both halves of the heart are sewn together along the center to form the heart block.

The placemat was designed utilizing this heart block method. The pattern can be purchased below. I am offering a discount during the month of February. The placemat can be made with four large hearts or two large hearts and eight small hearts. This pattern will be 25% off for the month of February. No Code Needed.

Celebrate by making a festive placemat and decorating for Valentine's Day. Make it a special occasion. Thanks for following along with my sewing journey. Fabric was sponsored by Benartex Fabrics.

Don't forget to sign up for my newsletters. I will be posting a quilt block with directions for Quilt Block Mania. It will be a patchwork heart and it will be free for the month of February to those that are signed up for the newsletter. Here is a sneak peek. I will be posting it next Tuesday on February 7th, 2023.

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