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Crafty Travel Ideas!

It is always fun to think about traveling. I love to explore new places and see new things. Well, why not travel in style and stay organized. I have a new pattern that just came out, The Travel Trio. It includes three sizes of cute zippered bags that can be tucked into a suitcase, backpack, purse or duffle bag. They can help organize medications, toiletries, shaving supplies, cosmetics and so much more. You can organize all your essentials with them and they sew up quickly too. This allows you to pack lighter with less bulk. They also make great gifts.

My husband and I had a bet on our last trip. I wanted to pack light and he said I could not do it. We were going to Europe for 18 days. I wanted to prove him wrong, so I chose only to carry a small roller board suitcase that I put in the overhead compartment on the plane and I brought my personal item of a tote bag that was placed under the seat. He was surprised that I would actually go on a long trip with very few clothes. Well I did it. I was selective in the amount of clothes I brought and chose coordinates that would work in several different ways. I washed clothes and it worked out well. It was great not toting around a bunch of luggage overseas. Being organized helped out tremendously and I won the bet!

Some organization tips when traveling

  1. Pack light. Choose coordinating pants, tops and skirts to mix and match easily so that you do not have to tote around a large suitcase.

  2. Use resealable plastic bags for your liquids so that if they leak, they won't leak on your clothes or other important items.

  3. Keep all documents, money, medications and one change of clothes with you on your person just in case you get stranded or separated from your luggage.

  4. Don't be afraid to do a little bit of laundry. You can wash your things in a sink, laundromat or have a service do it.

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