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Using 12 Weight Thread to Decorate a Pillow

Have you ever wanted to try a different weight of thread? Thread weights are basically different thicknesses of thread. The higher the number the thinner diameter of the thread. The lower the number the thicker the thread. If you look at the spool of thread, you will see two numbers 50/2. 50 is the weight and 2 is the ply or number of strands. Using 50 weight thread is commonly used for piecing, quilting, appliqué and more.

Sometimes, you can use another weight to bring depth, detail and interest to your project. Recently, I made a pillow. I wanted the stitches to stand out so I chose to use 12 weight thread. I use Aurifil thread #aurifil and they have a beautiful array of 12 weight threads. For my pillow, I used pink and white 12 weight thread. I used it to add decorative stitches that were programmed in my machine. I also used it to add straight stitching and free motion stitching. Changing your tension is important when using different weights thread. Decreasing your upper tension allows the thread to move easier. All machines are different so you will need to play with your upper tension. Also, I use 50 wt thread in the bobbin. Take your time, have fun and play.

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