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Making Stuff With Broken Glass

I had the honor to work with Swan Amity's Broken Glass fabric line that was designed by Kathy Engle of Island Batik. It includes a beautiful array of bright colors. They can be found in stores now. She, too, designs patterns and has a website at: Swan Amity Studio. She will be offering a giveaway so check out her site for more details.

As I worked with these fabrics, I am working on writing two new patterns. The crossbody bag in the picture above and the organizer in the pictures below. The crossbody bag pattern will be ready in two weeks. Stay tuned for a notification when it is ready.

I thought it would be fun to design as I go. Have you ever designed a quilt or pattern? Or have you changed one and gave it your own twist?

These fabrics are so vibrant that they can be mixed and changed to get the desired affect of your project. I love playing with fabrics and several of these fabrics have variegated colorations in them. Choosing a color palette is one of the best parts of sewing for me. How about you? What part do you like the best?

For these projects, I chose six colors from the line. I liked putting the multicolor fabrics with the fabrics that were mostly one color hue.

I find that when choosing colors, I enjoy matching them up with my thread and notions to see what works best. I lay it all out then move the fabrics around and the notions. I change them up and remove some or add some to see what is most pleasing.

What is your method when you start a project or choose your fabrics and finding?

Sometimes when I have already sewn something, I realize that I don't like the combination. I will most likely rip it out and replace what I didn't like. On the other hand, if it takes a lot of trouble, I may not pull it out. I guess that would be lazy but it can be daunting to rip something out after you completed it.

As part of the bag design, I needed a strap. I used one of the variegated fabrics for the strap. I love the effect that it gave when I completed the strap. I used variegated thread from Aurifil to compliment it.

One unique thing I noticed about fabric is when you fold it small or cut it small, it changes the look of it and can make a big difference in the look of your project. Try using large and small patterns in a different way than you might have originally intended. The outcome can be pretty cool.

Thanks for following along in my sewing journey. I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions. Don't forget to sign up for my emails to get notifications and become a member so that you can comment below. I offer giveaways through the year and choose random winners from the comments section. I also share posts on social media. Click on one of the logos below to check out what I making next.

Swan Amity Studios is offering a giveaway. Go to her site to enter for a chance to win! Check out the other bloggers and see what they made. They have some pretty cool stuff.

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Love your purse/zipper case made from this line.


your projects are wonderful. thanks for sharing and inspiring.


Lee Butler
Lee Butler
Feb 18, 2023

No writing of patterns for me but I do some adjustments! Your crossbody bag is perfect and love in those fabrics!


Your cross body bag is stunning. I , like you will lay out different fabrics with thread to help me decide colors for quilts. I have also taken quilts apart because the colors just don't feel right when done. I love battle and save even my smallest pieces as they can add such an impact o any desugn. I love doing cathedral windows and batons stand put beautifully in them!


I like to make just about any pattern my own by adding something or changing something to a already created pattern. With so many available these days who has time to create something else. Since I have acquired a large stash over the years I tend to pick fabric after finding a pattern I like of course I always seem to find that I need something new to send me shopping. I rarely rip out something I started. but rather make a block or some little thing to make sure my fabric choices will work.

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